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The objective of our web shop is to offer collectors the possibility to buy authentic quality items that testify about historical events.

Prior to browsing our products, we invite you to read Disclaimer at the bottom of this page. Indeed, we want to make clear that Militaria Auctions does not have a link to any ideology, nor does it intend to convey a social or political message!

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This site offers authentic quality items that are part of history. The purpose of collecting is to preserve and testify about historical events. Historical and military items from the period 1933-1945 are sold by us only for historical and scientific purpose, to collections or museums with these intentions. Anyone who buys items from the period 1933-1945 which carry the insignia of the Third Reich, will comit himself to use these items only for historical and scientific reasons and in no way to use them for propagandistic reasons.

This site and its owner do not have any political association nor does it support any ideology or intends to convey any social or political message. It is strictly offering these items for collectible and historical purposes. In case of any risk of feeling offended, we invite you to leave our web shop.

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